Asghar Keivan Hoseini
Asghar Keivan Hoseini is associate professor of International Relations in the Department of Public and International Law , Faculty of law and political sciences .
Iranian Journals
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  • Keivan Hoseini Asghar. (2017). State Concept in ISIL Discourse, ISI Salafist State: Failure to Realize an Alternative Theory. Quarterly Studies the State, 3, 9
Presented in External Exhibition
  • Keivan Hoseini Asghar, Third international conference of the international system, regional developments and foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Published Article, brief article, The security implications of ISIL's emergence, strength-building and decline at the regional and international levels, 2016/11/21, 2016/11/22
Presented in Internal Exhibition
  • Keivan Hoseini Asghar, National Conference on Advanced Educational Development and Security Discourse, Published Article, brief article, The need to redefine security studies in the country's higher education system, 2016/11/08, 2016/11/08
  • Keivan Hoseini Asghar, Alavizadeh Mohamad. (2013). Introduction to process of change in security studies. iran-tehran, Rad Edition
  • Keivan Hoseini Asghar. (2016). Anti- Americanism in The World of Islam. iran-tehran, None
  • Keivan Hoseini Asghar. (2017). Energy and Transformation of Russian-European Relations. Iran, Giva
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