Goudarz Alibakhshi
Goudarz Alibakhshi is Assistant Professor of --- in the Department of Institute for interdisciplinary culture , Allameh Tabataba'i University .
Research Interests are: language assessment , رشد حرفه ای معم , نیاز سنجی معلم و فراگیر , آموزش انتقادی
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Iranian Journals
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Presented in External Exhibition
  • Alibakhshi Goudarz, The third international conference on Language discourse and pragmatics, announcer, A call for appropriate research designs in interlanguage pragmatics, 2015/01/07, 2015/02/10
  • Alibakhshi Goudarz, 12th international TELLSI Conference, announcer, An Urgent Call for Meta Analysis in SLA and Language Assessment Research Areas, 2015/02/25, 2015/02/27
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  • Alibakhshi Goudarz, 13th international TELLS I conference, brief article, brief article, Evaluating pedagogical tasks used in English for medical students textbooks: Do they meet task based needs of students of Medical sciences?, 2015/10/17, 2015/10/19
  • Alibakhshi Goudarz, 13th international TELLS I conference, brief article, complete article, Evaluating pedagogical tasks used in English for medical students textbooks: Do they meet task based needs of students of Medical sciences?, 2015/10/17, 2015/10/19
  • Kazemi Ali, Mohammadi Mohmmad Javad, Alibakhshi Goudarz, khazaee saeed. (2017). Language and Culture: A general English Course book for University EAP Studnets. IRAN, None
Cooperation in The Provision And Workshops
  • Workshop on data analysis, 2015/03/26
  • 13th international TELLSI conference, 2015/11/19
  • Fourth international conference on LDP, 2017/01/27
  • The first international conference on language focus, 2017/10/06
  • مقاله نویسی, 2014/10/12
  • Analysis of basic quantitative data, 2015/03/01