Mohammad Javad Nourahmadi
Mohammad Javad Nourahmadi was born in Qom . his degree is assistant professor . he is faculty member of Theoretical Econimics .
Research Interests are: Religious Economics , Economic Justice , Behavioral Economics , Financial Economics , Economic Systems
Published in Internal Journal
  • Nourahmadi Mohammad Javad, padam aeyed sajad, Analysis of the strengthening of oil and gas sector of the Iran's energy system in terms of continuity of production, Journal of iranian energy economics, 5, 20, 2016/12/07
Presented in Internal Exhibition
  • Nourahmadi Mohammad Javad, National Conference on Islamic Iranian Model of Progress, Published Article, complete article, Analysis of the Relationship between Property Rights and Economic Justice in the History of Economic Thought and its Implications for Islamic-Iranian Model of Progress, 2011/05/09, 2011/05/09
  • Nourahmadi Mohammad Javad, دومین همایش اقتصاد مقاومتی: بررسی برنامه ها و متون, Published Article, complete article, نقد و تحلیل مفهوم تاب آوری و مقاوم سازی در سیستم های اقتصادی, 2017/07/13, 2017/07/13
  • Nourahmadi Mohammad Javad, Ownership,Justice and Growth in the Process of Development of Economic Thoughts, compilation, I.S.U.Press, 2013/10/23
  • Nourahmadi Mohammad Javad, Religious Economics: From the Point of View of Muslim and Christian Economic Thinkers, compilation, I.S.U Press, 2010/11/21
  • نقش دموکراسی در میزان اثرگذاری درآمدهای نفتی بر توسعه مالی : (مطالعه موردی کشورهای منتخب صادرکننده نفت خام), مهدی صانعی, Fundamental, Allame Tabataba'i University