mojtaba abdekhodaei
mojtaba abdekhodaei . his degree is assistant professor . he is faculty member of International Relations .
Research Interests are: International Relations Theories , Religion & International Politics, Islamic jurisprudence of IR
Published in Internal Journal
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Presented in External Exhibition
  • abdekhodaei mojtaba, کنگره بین المللی علوم انسانی اسلامی, announcer, 2013/11/18
  • abdekhodaei mojtaba, Vatican, compilation, 2003/03/21
  • abdekhodaei mojtaba, Human dignity in the pattern of Islamic development, compilation
  • abdekhodaei mojtaba, Relationship between religious interests and national interests (an attempt to respond to the national interest in the Islamic Republic of Iran), compilation
  • abdekhodaei mojtaba, The possibility of religious theories of international relations, compilation
  • abdekhodaei mojtaba, Theoretical exploration of modern State, compilation
  • abdekhodaei mojtaba, The status of religious theories of international relations in the geography of science, compilation, UNIVERSITY, 2015/03/21
  • abdekhodaei mojtaba, Socio-cultural pathology Of Iranian pilgrimages in Saudi Arabia, compilation
  • abdekhodaei mojtaba, Tahlil siyasi, book review and checking
  • abdekhodaei mojtaba, Tahlil siyasi tajrobi, book review and checking, Shoraye barresi motoun va kotob
  • abdekhodaei mojtaba, brayan fye, book review and checking
  • abdekhodaei mojtaba, Ravesh haye pajouhesh, book review and checking, Pajouhesh gah oloum ensani
Cooperation in The Provision And Workshops
  • دین و تاثیر آن بر سیاست بین الملل
  • پیوند پارادایم ها، استراتژی ها و روش های تحقیق