Mahdi Khanjani
Mahdi Khanjani was born in Khomien . his degree is assistant professor . he is faculty member of General and Clinical Psychology .
Published in Internal Journal
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Presented in External Exhibition
  • Khanjani Mahdi, همایش بین المللی محیط زیست و ژئوپلتیک خلیج فارس, poster presentation, 2012/05/23, 2012/05/24
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Presented in Internal Exhibition
  • Khanjani Mahdi, arjmandnia aliakbar, همایش منطقه‌ایی سلامت روان‌شناختی, Published Article, بررسی رابطه ادراک برابری با رضایت شغلی در کارکنان شرکت برق منطقه‌ایی باختر استان مرکزی, 2010/02/20, 2010/02/22
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Cooperation in The Provision And Workshops
  • Couples Therapy, مدرس, iran, Ahwaz, 2016/02/17, 2016/02/18
  • Positive workplace: the methods to achieve happiness in vocational and personal life, مدرس, Iran, Tehran, 2016/02/27, 2016/03/07
  • the application of positive psychotherapy in decreasing stress and anxiety, مدرس, iran, Tehran, 2016/05/12, 2016/05/12