Majidreza Mo'meni
Majidreza Mo'meni . his degree is assistant professor . he is faculty member of International Relations .
Published in Internal Journal
  • Mo'meni Majidreza, Rahimi Omid, Iranian-Israeli conflict and its impact on political and security ties between Israel and Azerbaijan, Central Eurasian Studies, 21, 2016/12/05
  • Mo'meni Majidreza, Paradyplmasy and its application in border towns; Case Western Azerbaijan, 21, 2017/01/07
  • Shahbazi Aramesh, Mo'meni Majidreza, نقش نظام آموزش عالی در پیوند میان توسعه علم و تحکیم صلح, international relation research, 7, 24, 2017/12/22
Presented in External Exhibition
  • Mo'meni Majidreza, Askari Pouria, 4th international conference on sustainable development, Published Article, brief article, right to development in the context of sustainable devel-opment goals: sustainability and equality, 2016/09/16, 2016/09/17
  • Askari Pouria, Mo'meni Majidreza, International Conference on UN 70th Anniversary, Published Article, brief article, A New Approach towards Right to Sovereign Equality and SDGs, 2015/11/21, 2015/11/22
  • Mo'meni Majidreza, Joint roundtable with the International Foundation for Vyvh Kananday India, Published Article, brief article, Relations between Iran and India in the light of future developments in regional and international, 2016/03/06, 2016/03/06
  • Mo'meni Majidreza, The third international conference of international, regional developments and foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, announcer, 2016/11/22, 2016/11/22
Presented in Internal Exhibition
  • Mo'meni Majidreza, Tehran first security conference in the West Asian regional security order, Published Article, brief article, Indian security strategy in West Asia, 2016/11/21, 2016/11/21