Seyyed Reza Mousaviniya
Seyyed Reza Mousaviniya is assistant professor of --- in the Department of International Relations , Faculty of law and political sciences .
Iranian Journals
  • Mousaviniya Seyyed Reza. (2016). انقلاب اسلامی پیش نیازی برای تحقق متوان سازی مثبت در روابط خارجی ایران. Pajouhesh name enghelab, 6, 18
  • Mousaviniya Seyyed Reza. (2016). از رئالیسم کلاسیک تا رئالیسم ایرانی: تحلیل نظری روابط خارجی ایران. strategic research of politics, 4, 15
Presented in External Exhibition
  • Mousaviniya Seyyed Reza, The third international conference of international, regional developments and foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Published Article, brief article, Impartiality, set the framework for Iran's defense policy in the Middle East, 2016/11/21, 2016/11/22
Presented in Internal Exhibition
  • Mousaviniya Seyyed Reza, National Conference on Theoretical and practical relations between the Iranian government and nation; Past, present, future, Published Article, brief article, A comparative study, the Safavid Iranian government to side with the modern state in the West, 2016/04/19, 2016/04/20
  • Mousaviniya Seyyed Reza, The first conference on peace in the position of the Islamic Iranian Higher Education System, Published Article, brief article, And examples of the sense of peace in the season and the season of political science Hayrshth, 2016/12/07, 2016/12/07
  • Mousaviniya Seyyed Reza. (2015). iranian realism. iran-Tehran, mokhatab