Heybatallah Najandimanesh
Heybatallah Najandimanesh is Assistant Professor of --- in the Department of Public and International Law , Faculty of law and political sciences .
Iranian Journals
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Presented in External Exhibition
  • Najandimanesh Heybatallah, Evolution of Legal Concepts in the Case law of ad hoc International Criminal Tribunals, announcer, complete article, Evolution of Joint Criminal Enterprise in the Case law of ad hoc International Criminal Tribunals, 2013/02/01, 2013/02/01
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  • Najandimanesh Heybatallah, احقاق حقوق مصدومین شیمیایی, announcer, brief article
Presented in Internal Exhibition
  • Najandimanesh Heybatallah, همایش ملی راجع به کنوانسیون ملل متحد برای مبارزه با فساد, announcer, complete article, National Seminnar on United Nations Convention Against Corruption: Achievments and Chalenges, 2014/12/03, 2014/12/04
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Cooperation in The Provision And Workshops
  • Supervision over the Application of Charter of Citizen Rights, 2018/05/05
  • Right to Due Process in Cases of Drug Traficing, 2018/09/29
  • Damage to Financial Bases of Drug Traficers......, 2019/11/12