Navideh Modarresi
Navideh Modarresi . her degree is assistant professor . she is faculty member of Mathematics .
Published in External Journal
  • Modarresi Navideh, Rezakhah Saeid, Certain Periodically Correlated Multicomponent Locally Stationary Processes, THEORY OF PROBABILITY AND ITS APPLICATIONS, 59, 2, 2015/01/01
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  • Modarresi Navideh, Rezakhah Saeid, A New Structure for Analyzing Discrete Scale Invariant Processes: Covariance and Spectra, Journal of Statistical Physics, 153, 1, 2013/08/14
Presented in External Exhibition
  • Modarresi Navideh, Rezakhah Saeid, International Conference on Self-similar Processes and Their Applications, poster presentation, 2009/07/20, 2009/07/24
  • Modarresi Navideh, Rezakhah Saeid, 33 th Conference on Stochastic Processes and Their Applications, Published Article, complete article, Discrete Time Scale Invariant Markov Processes, 2009/07/27, 2009/07/31
  • Modarresi Navideh, Rezakhah Saeid, Satellite Summer School on Levy Processes: Theory and Applications,, Published Article, brief article, Autoregressive model driven by discrete samples of semi-selfsimilar Levy process, 2010/07/22, 2010/07/24
  • Modarresi Navideh, Rezakhah Saeid, 6 International Conference on Levy Processes: Theory and Applications, announcer, 2010/07/20, 2010/07/30
  • Rezakhah Saeid, Modarresi Navideh, 8th World Congress on Probability and Statistics, Published Article, complete article, A Class of Discrete Scale Invariance with Wide sense Markov Property, 2012/07/09, 2012/07/14
  • Modarresi Navideh, Rezakhah Saeid, Stochastic & Computational Finance 2015 From Academia to Industry, Published Article, complete article, Generalized continuous time ARMA processes with applications in finance, 2015/07/06, 2015/07/10
  • Modarresi Navideh, Financial engineering conference and Bymsnjy, announcer, 2016/08/27, 2016/08/29
Presented in Internal Exhibition
  • Modarresi Navideh, Rezakhah Saeid, 11 Iranian Statistical Conference 28-30 Aug 2012. th, Published Article, complete article, Innovative Estimation Method of Scale Parameter of Semi-Selfsimilar Processes, 2012/08/28, 2012/08/30
  • Modarresi Navideh, The 15 Workshop in Applied Stochastic Processes, Published Article, brief article, Structure of continuous time ARMA processes driven by semi-Levy measure, 2015/04/28, 2015/04/30