Mohammad Ghasemi Sheshdeh
Mohammad Ghasemi Sheshdeh . his degree is assistant professor . he is faculty member of Economics Management and Development .
Published in Internal Journal
  • Ghasemi Sheshdeh Mohammad, Mohajeri Parisa, Cyclicality Behaviour of Fiscal Policy in Iran; A Survey, Economic Bulletin, سال پانزدهم, شماره 56، بهار 1394, 2015/06/01
  • Ghasemi Sheshdeh Mohammad, The Criteria's of Determination Provisions in Annual Budget Law, majles & rahbord scientificresearch quarterly journal, سال بیست و دوم, 84, 2016/02/01
  • Ghasemi Sheshdeh Mohammad, Mohajeri Parisa, Appropriate fiscal rules for financial policy in Iran, Journal of Management and Budget, 20, 129, 2015/08/23
Presented in Internal Exhibition
  • Ghasemi Sheshdeh Mohammad, ساختار برنامه ریزی در آستانه برنامه ششم توسعه, announcer, 2015/10/07, 2016/01/05
  • Ghasemi Sheshdeh Mohammad, Iran's economic outlook in 1395, announcer, 2016/04/16, 2016/04/16
  • Ghasemi Sheshdeh Mohammad, Economic Strength; Requirements and Challenges, Published Article, brief article, Reform of government revenues and reduce reliance on oil revenues, 2016/05/17, 2016/05/17
  • Ghasemi Sheshdeh Mohammad, Proceedings of the Defence Economy, Published Article, brief article, Legal rules governing the system of desirable economic defense budget, 2016/10/29, 2016/10/29