Saeed Shokouhi
Saeed Shokouhi is Assistant Professor of --- in the Department of Regional Studies of Central Asia and the Caucasus , ECO college of insurance .
Iranian Journals
  • Shokouhi Saeed. (2015). The attitude of the sacred to the policy on Foreign Relations, a scholar of Iranian. political research of Islamic world, 4, 1
  • Shokouhi Saeed. (2017). The role of elite perceptions in tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia. 5, 4
Presented in External Exhibition
  • Shokouhi Saeed, Third international conference of the international system, regional developments and foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, brief article, brief article, The role of suppressions in the escalation of tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia, 2016/11/22, 2016/11/22