Ghodsi Bayat
Ghodsi Bayat was born in Ahvaz . her degree is assistant professor . she is faculty member of public relations .
Research Interests are: Culture & Virtual Communication, Research Methodologies, e-Public Relations
Published in Internal Journal
  • Bayat Ghodsi, Shahabi Mahmoud, Social networking Sites and Young Users;from Real Life to Cosmopolitanisim, majles & rahbord scientificresearch quarterly journal, سال 19, 69, 2013/02/08
  • Bayat Ghodsi, Shahabi Mahmoud, اهداف و انگیزه های عضویت کاربران در شبکه های اجتماعی مجازی: مطالعه ای درباره جوانان شهر تهران, Culture and Communication, 52, 20, 2013/02/26
  • Bayat Ghodsi, الگوهای مصرف محتوا و رفتار جوانان در شبکه اجتماعی فیس بوک: مطالعه موردی کاربران تهرانی, Quarterly of Strategic Studies On Youth And Sports, در نوبت چاپ, در نوبت چاپ, 2016/11/06
Presented in Internal Exhibition
  • Bayat Ghodsi, هفته پژوهش 95, announcer, 2016/10/24, 2016/10/24
  • Bayat Ghodsi, Social Media, Sorts & Potentials, compilation, Center of Media research & Development, 2013/07/11
  • Bayat Ghodsi, Mohebinia Jahanbakhah, Heidarpour Afshin, Measuring Globalization: Gouging Its Consequence, translation, National Globalization Center, 2014/10/14
  • Bayat Ghodsi, Social Networks and Entreprenurship, translation, Tashkhis Maslahat Strategic Research Center, 2010/06/22
  • Bayat Ghodsi, Communication & Religion, translation, UNIVERSITY, 2009/09/11
Collaboration in Magazines
  • Teachers Educational and Tutorial Studies, scientific and research-based, 2013/01/09, 2013/12/31, 5/50000/9154/100