Saeed Mirvahedi
Saeed Mirvahedi is assistant professor of Management- Entrepreneurship and Marketing in the Department of Public Administration , Faculty of management and according .
Research Interests are: Entrepreneurship , Entrepreneurial Marketing , Entrepreneurs' Decision Making logic
International Journals
  • Mirvahedi Saeed, Morrish Sussie. (2017). The role of serendipity in opportunity exploration. Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, 19, 2
Iranian Journals
  • Mirvahedi Saeed, Esfandiari bayat Elham. (2017). A study of the entrepreneurial potential of cultural tourism in Iranian Qashqai nomads. Journal of Tourism and Development, 2, 3
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  • Mirvahedi Saeed, Noori Naeimeh. (2017). Identification the main challenges of arts incubators in supporting art-based businesses (Case study: Art University of Isfahan’s incubator). Sterategic Management Thought
  • Mirvahedi Saeed. (2018). An investigation of Iranian entrepreneurs’ decision making logic based on effectuation theory. Modern Research in Decision Making, 2, 4
Presented in External Exhibition
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Presented in Internal Exhibition
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Executive Posts
  • مشاور انجمن علمی دانشجویان کارآفرینی, 2017/05/02, 2018/01/02, iran, Tehran