Mahdi Hadavand
Mahdi Hadavand is assistant professor of --- in the Department of Public and International Law , Faculty of law and political sciences .
Iranian Journals
  • Hadavand Mahdi. (2016). Introduction to the general theory of resilience administrative action. the quarterly journal of public law
Presented in External Exhibition
  • Hadavand Mahdi, Alizade Saeedeh, International Conference optimize upstream oil and gas contracts, Published Article, brief article, Optimization of material adjustment in the upstream oil and gas contracts in Iran with an approach to contracts of Fydyk, 2016/07/10, 2016/07/11
  • Hadavand Mahdi. (2015). Administrative law Comparative. iran-Tehran, Research and Development Center for Humanities
  • Hadavand Mahdi, adibi sadeh mohammad reza. (2014). The legal system to investigate offenses and economic crimes in the suspended state. iran-Tehran, Jungle
  • Hadavand Mahdi, yazdani zenur hormoz. (2016). Applied Banking Law. Iran-Tehran, nebisa
Practical Projects outside The School
  • تدوین حقوق هنری منشور حقوق شهروندی, سایر, 2013/11/11