Hossein Aslipour
Hossein Aslipour was born in Qom . his degree is assistant professor . he is faculty member of Public Administration .
Research Interests are: Public Policy , Public management theory , Research method , Policy Research
Published in Internal Journal
  • Aslipour Hossein, The Outstanding Status of Commercial Cooperation in the Executive Policies of Iran's 5th Development Plan, Journal of Management and Development Process, 25, 82, 2012/12/22
  • Aslipour Hossein, Sharif Zadeh Fattah, Environmental Policy Making Strategy in the Context of Public Decision Making Conventional Theories, majles & rahbord scientificresearch quarterly journal, 22, 83, 2015/12/21
  • Aslipour Hossein, Designing conceptual model of performance appraisal in Iranian press, resaneh journal, 23, 86, 2012/05/19
  • Aslipour Hossein, Sharif Zadeh Fattah, Ghorbanizadeh Vajhollah, Explanation of Indigenized Model for Environmental Policy Formulation in Iran, Using Grounded Theory, Sterategic Management Thought, 8, 15, 2015/01/05
Presented in Internal Exhibition
  • Aslipour Hossein, First conference of quality assessment in university sestems, poster presentation, Identifying Factors Affecting the Realization of the Mission Statement of the Organization; The Case Study of three main Universities of Iran, 2014/05/07, 2014/05/08
  • Aslipour Hossein, Conference of Government & Nation relationship in Iran, 2016/04/19, 2016/04/20
  • Aslipour Hossein, First conference of Holy Quran-based Humanities, Published Article, Managerial dimensions of higher education system in Quran-oriented humanities based on system theory, 2016/05/16, 2016/05/17
  • Aslipour Hossein, The first congress of Jihad and National Security, announcer, 2016/09/29, 2016/09/29
  • Aslipour Hossein, Celebration of Research Week 95, announcer, 2016/11/27, 2016/11/27
  • Mirvahedi Saeed, Aslipour Hossein, 1st National Conference on Public Service Excellence, Published Article, complete article, Innovative and electronic public services in New Zealand, 2017/07/03, 2017/07/03
  • Aslipour Hossein, Guidance to English management language, chanson, UNIVERSITY, 2010/09/25
  • Aslipour Hossein, Introducing to advanced Islamic management theory, compilation, Tehran Urban Planning and Research Center, 2016/04/20
  • Aslipour Hossein, Reflections on standardization from the perspective of Islam, compilation, UNIVERSITY, 2013/10/23
  • Aslipour Hossein, Jihad, compilation, Press Center of Tehran Urban Planning, 2016/04/16
  • Aslipour Hossein, Key concepts of business, translation, UNIVERSITY, 2009/08/04
Practical Projects outside The School
  • Designing appraisal model of Press in Iran, کاربردی, 2011/11/21
  • Advanced Islamic management theory adapting to common models of management science, کاربردی, 2015/06/05
  • نظارت بر پروژه شناسایی وضعیت تولید و توزیع نوشت افزار در شهر تهران, کاربردی, 2015/12/21