Abbas Kazemi Najaf Abadi
Abbas Kazemi Najaf Abadi . his degree is assistant professor . he is faculty member of Private Law .
Published in External Journal
  • Amiri Maghsoud, Kazemi Najaf Abadi Abbas, hadipor hasan, Azizmohammadi rozbe, determining optimum amount, Journal of Archaeological Science, 1, 8, 2013/02/12
Published in Internal Journal
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Presented in Internal Exhibition
  • rafighi marand elham, Kazemi Najaf Abadi Abbas, 77/5000 Management Conference stable supply and energy security with passive defense approach, poster presentation, 2015/12/23, 2015/12/24
  • Kazemi Najaf Abadi Abbas, Introduction to Petroleum Contract, compilation, Shahre danesh, 2014/09/21
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  • Kazemi Najaf Abadi Abbas, babaee hamed, Exploration and production contracts in the oil and gas industry, translation, City of knowledge, 2017/04/19
Fundamental Designs
  • برنامه و سرفصل دروس دوره دکتری مترجمی فرانسه, 2013/09/25
  • برنامه ریزی دوره کارشناسی زبان و ادبیات اسپانیایی (روزانه و شبانه)